Lisa Delia - Vocals

Lisa's love of harmony began in junior high school in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She was placed in the alto section in choir class. From then on, she would harmonize with every song on the radio, every hum in the elevator, every frequency that came her way. A self-proclaimed "harmony whore", she caught the ear of John Erlandson a few years ago, and the rest is history. Although she has recorded for other people, this band is her favorite. She's having a blast and is realizing a dream that started way back in junior high.  Her original “Ya Gotta Be Down For The Blues”, is an amazing display or her songwriting and vocal talents.

Kyle Wilson - Guitar/Vocals

"Detroit Rock City", "Toys In The Attic", "We Will Rock You"..these were the first introductions to Kyle's rock n' roll education as a young wiffle ball bat wielding air guitar master. Once his friend suggested that Kyle join his junior high school rock band as a bass player it was the beginning a roller coaster ride that has led to playing in countless bands in both New York and then Los Angeles before eventually finding a city and a band to call home here in Evergreen CO. Through it all Kyle has proclaimed to have stayed true to his love of rock music and can occasionally be heard plugging his guitar or bass in at ridiculously high volumes when no one is around. Please send donations for Kyle's future need for a hearing aid to him directly. Drop the mic, I am out!

Jack Demeis - Drums

A native of Pittsburgh, PA Jack has been playing drums and percussion since age 11 and played in his first rock band at age 15.  Over the years Jack has played in several bands in Pittsburgh, PA and Austin, TX. In 2017 Jack moved to Evergreen and was pleasantly surprised at the live music scene and starting playing with Subject2change, then Bandersnatch, and now Band Kamp.  Jack's digs rock-n-roll with musical influences by John Bonham and Neil Peart.

wendi Richardson - guitar/vocals

As a fairly recent Evergreen transplant, Wendi brings her East Coast "punk rock girl" approach to her guitar playing and has been slamming down steady rhythms in the Connecticut/Tristate music scene since the 80's.  Having worked with a strong female lead singer for most of her career, Wendi is comfortable in the Nancy Wilson of Heart role, taking on some lead vocals but she loves supporting her bandmates with strong harmonies. Although she has 80's roots, Wendi loves great music and can be caught playing everything from Johnny Cash to The Clash.

Jamie Richardson - Bass/Vocals

Coming atcha live from Asbury Park NJ Jame Z was born into a traveling vaudeville family act and has never stopped. Choir and theater predated bass, but once that 4 string Muse was introduced there was no turning back. Jame Z plays bass and guitar and can harmonize with a brick if necessary. He also possess an encyclopedic memory for music trivia. He would like to say hello to all his East Coast friends except the Witness Relocation people told him not to.